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Rotovac PowerWand - Superior Carpet Cleaning Results with Every Cleaning

The Challenge: The Rotovac Powerwand vs. a regular cleaning wand

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The carpet you see in this photo is obviously much dirtier than the average job. The reason for this is to demonstrate the dramatic difference between the cleaning ability of a wand vs. a Rotovac Powerwand.

To make the carpet this dirty, we simply sprayed it with water and then dragged it around a dirty parking lot.

Equal Conditions:

Using the same portable extractor and the same chemical, we cleaned one portion of the carpet with a wand for two minutes and then right next to it with the Rotovac Powerwand for two minutes.

Cleaning with the wand:

When cleaning with the wand, notice that the technician is bent over in an uncomfortable position. Results depend on the amount of elbow grease and number of cleaning passes he is willing or able to make.

The operator applied all the effort he could and made approximately 120 cleaning passes. How long he could sustain that cleaning pace would depend on his strength, stamina, and work ethic.

Cleaning with the wand is strenuous, physical labor.

Cleaning with the Rotovac Powerwand:

When cleaning with the Rotovac, notice that the technician is standing in a comfortable, upright position. He is easily guiding the Rotovac with one hand while the Rotovac supplies all the elbow grease for him.

The Rotovac reduces the task of extraction carpet cleaning to an easy one-handed operation.

In just two minutes the Rotovac produced 3,000 multi-directional cleaning passes. Here you can see how the cleaning results of the Rotovac are dramatically superior to the wand.

Rotovac carpeting cleaning demonstration Rotovac carpeting cleaning demonstration

Bottom Line:
The Rotovac Cleans Better with Less Effort

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